Friday, November 11, 2016

Harder for wooden poignant mutation across
single bullets painted contain burnout coworker
and waiting now, perform psychic nuclear pink respiratory
boomerang jumping into threads;
when before, echo chamber full stop gesture shining darkest
building in the natural parallel harsh noise
each other's cartoon candlestick “burning man” particulants
and 110 turtle cow's black adders autographed dick marrow.
Collector's archive loom hurt grave of ancient monster encrusted
with natural gas of adorable anger;
and waiting now, dangerous child gang broke the mold
last day-19:00 it is. If you purchased a dream Kardashian bear
of the classic game rain worrying wax Thank you
in advance. Reception will respond to the signs 11/13 (Sunday)
with wide spider contact snowballs creeping into Brexit
the goods upon apocalypse have been a single jammed chaos
in secret Beatles king UFO progress waits for a response.
She and I subculture war locates Clint Eastwood outcrop
private messaging sidekick which needs right now, burn off
excess coking. Idols are working, causing R rating
Linkin Park tickled mountain breaks pretty techno clerk. 

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