Saturday, October 8, 2016

I'm like, makes a note, [Per w lol] 
as in digitally shattered, cheaper 
vending machine background, 
sinks it all in the, but wow. 
Or press three times. Absolute win.
You get bothered, (or not if 
remastered exactly, no set 
the if the, right kind of amphibious
change the child grotesques 
roughed up by hand to complain 
later, caused by body-upright. 
He can appear, etc.), screenings 
dramatically improve kitsch, fleeting,
turbo, Ford is running OK, but 
who hid the faces of the, not 
doing well, floating. Butcher 
unearths dump. Thy autocorrect 
zone, will the swear words, 
served as new way of fake photo, 
smell, horrendous, as in, made 
my daughter sick! Unequal ping 
pong.jpeg, retractable, cute, little 
bird, on second life, looking at 
the porn like delicate, other young
women envy of the compassion-
bar. That time The Architect's 3 
color imagination opened, country 
and friend, of Bambi long-winded 
chimp I'm like, were like the drop 
of SOAP on English silk leather 
jacket on the backs of/deaths 
of bathing ape/surprise!
Shade molten plasticky 
depending on 4 K theater facilities, 
history's repeat-port worked in 
the past, which, tying-Box in this 
wavered, is animated by, that's for 
it is, with emotion. 

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