Monday, October 24, 2016

Replace zombie's lecherous gaze today at the office
with variant musk of the first humans on Mars
You can now add burb-style nightmares in the aftermath of empire
and enable brush with angry spirits in your freezer
Watch chameleon mouthpiece rail on in Misfits allegory

In undiscovered uncanny valley the blind see skulls coming
and on ethical repeat, in the mind of the faithful fuck an octopus
Wine coincide with whip to massage through bottom's combinatorial Billy Idol
between palpable sex shop and origins of life scratched psychotherapy
with convergence; arguably axe murderer's one stone finally semi-electric
pulse of eyeballs bestowed ammonia upon slasher meta-empty
of the hairiest sea is a lot of BS

Improvising sideshow average-size monster with brains utterly intractable purple hairs
Taste of Bruce Springsteen unmoored in half strayed into Louvre genuinely Gronk-within-
a-pinkeyed telescope touching a desert of DVR balls-urge, shatter transform bus through philosophical louche musing on purifying a mysterious woman – gauge dune ouija pizza
sans pea, despite burning into shadow Retractable ribs thinking about an object rocking chair-deprived Can I have a peripheral fuck yeah Magnificent podcast cum ancient ritual

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