Monday, October 17, 2016

.... It's raining. Please, come.... A little blood spatter,
if at first a low swipe at urinal, now sucks Nutella through cluster
to protect, and pour blackout on old nightclub....
Bragging strengthens. It invigorates. First to death. One filter applied.
So that, finding out Mad Max, the sacrilegious goggles in Jaws,
if it's a Gameboy = forms discovered shopping at a flea market,
through the word salad spray type shaming me pouting, Gorgeous personally,
a situation ever happened sequentially. Anger. My truck. And 911 and bum between such
daubed vampires When I realized I had all foods etc. Jerked
my six pack out of every nuance of Garfield, good?
to whom the difference “would appeal,” reacting to the “hum,”
in a fancy inferno, (well, +- when cold), goat face who ever loved me a deeper
transplant forces soda....
Very rare Ikea cookie gift for today's destruction, I feel uncomfortable groping
but I can remember the best pussy paved parapet
I didn't have to remember, to have to satisfy,
angry. I'm more than content. Exciting to watch my coffee, give
computer the best ever Facebook rendered Nazi anime in
terms of self-affirmation “merely telepathically,” until
boiling out of proportion. Which spelled the end of the lice, as dolphins
formed AIDS. Made beer, sinking gruesome SIMS averted, basting
off of negative dreamscapes forever stranger drug tests lined
flesh with own outline. Conversely, incense, at once deeper, a
cheap spark, to whom you love at a funeral....  

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