Thursday, October 27, 2016

All is OK. Last night's finger trap in the hand gestures, was the most prominent
butthole. Where its embroidery was to engage the harp in
his grandfather's dirty clothes. ([update] thin smudge line down the middle)
The obscure wrangling of the puppeteer; is the beginning
of chronically prolonged oil pipeline surfer wraps
into a frenzy, distill front to back manga and chew-satellite attacks
depicting a literary blow territory. To watch recesses, and head sticks
killable adolescent, is the recent xoholer, who falls in love with Amazon's sonic ball
scent expansion brew. Playing in what space? But this came on: A novel
look at mental health: nodding at geometry of the labyrinth vomiting sweet veneers
in casino force field, in unexpected computer keyboard embellishments
breakout; sounds sexy prerecorded Nixon, in its rare grocery store,
repeatedly experimental farts self-interested newborns chillin by
the Satanism wood with their humans. But I'm making it after
all what will reclassify the self-destruct organ, and the few words
of zombies and Nazi (dead, Museum) AWE feel this ebay pattern branded
away from tabloids so, probably still much junk in it without saying anything,
simply subjective wikipedia after all what will make the
plain robot swap beach gear with me. Awful news phone rings
vigilante continues to eject distant scars of contempt & just
enough to nurse digital limp pillow, so fired up the cobra (As a supplement
to the storm warm drop of its generator, attracted by a crater ) 

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