Wednesday, September 7, 2016

what it feels like to take a bath. swamping the grave of the flesh-eating whale. Palpatine's jacking little army of slim lightbulbs. mailman's self-portrait in doorbell patterns of introvert's tip pining for implosion. understandably water-resistant. and I am computer literate! earth needs insulin-blasts of flamingo in the dragon's wrapper. merely the shell of a drone. remains of Trump Tower bun embarking on life as fertilizer. pus squirting out of muted son's 3D-printed organ. a whore spotted at the Shell filling station in July. from gratitude spit hot fire. “take me by the hand” bumper sticker flew in under PlayStation. adapter incomplete. pinning saint to outer extraction. tune keyboard with wind's central ramp. unraveling blood red. the fabric of witch hunt choreography's environmental impact of beach landing scene. contagious slow-fidgeting. Tony Stark's favorite thing. smells USB cartilage through yawning phallatio. two bottom ribs removed. passed on one-handed. “make it pick it up”. identifying hacking. something's wrong. granular fore and aft. sporadic connectivity. difficult to operate/adjust. little stones. feel free to KO 

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