Friday, September 30, 2016

Suede, ready for anything. In the bathroom inspired world's end. Exorcism sap
of worrisome Blade Runner not human companion, not ideal.
Wreak brutally honest menswear on magical world, seeing it opened....
isn't eager to drop off as back not curved to suit – backfires through gravitation –
Annoying wind noise – when internet falls into the sea I couldn't be a more sleepy,
autonomous, single-celled rearrangement, left behind by actor who played the one who
will never get married: I send people to Mars. You're welcome. Ground control:
Please just sort of wake up one day and start hunting spacecraft. I know the zeitgeist is
to blame for these points.... These wet swollen welts. Watch out trying to be funny is contagious. Launched taupe horse chemical, superbug broken off. Furthermore,
can't seem to find robot getting it on with orbs in acting course synonymous with invisibility cloak snipped fresh off nacho's arched putt compiling feelings if you gaze into breastedness. Breasts gaze back into you. Bad boys before the dawn. Burdened by Starbucks orgone condemned dazed and confused, Indiana Jones handling fly spray, turns it off seeing Pandora's Box opened....

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