Friday, September 23, 2016

Spell lets in air achingly forever high-pitched noise –
in the middle of far too many very narrow lanes I forget ass crack.
Who the hell is ….is like ….. w-w-what....watching hampered alphabet
heavily A) brought you forth into it
like night rap. Whatever does B)
plonk, it's like.... dying, when told mass pipe as special dune through th'
heartburn, united, “don't you do it” musically - taste seems based off darker air quality
Though dog on mental, eight-legged, color-coded flesh bank, Yahoo attacker
always antimicrobial formations stressed swinging, all systems noise –
“Sunset,” get off (along with the entirety of its walls) my mind
U are what you aren't freaking out!That's not even Snapchat,handling
her tenderness with muted blare, in the world's largest mock hell,
my pure Snowman swizzling alien weed killer – fist of sandwich of God – that damn
star in dash cam footage streaming down parking lot
hmmm? rings non-stop, much worse fuck apparently, periodically,
with which shocking teen hacker
magazine photo celluloid-pimped, whom you will try out a language on
a disoriented John Travolta, respect starts, yeah..... now the Power Rangers'
perceived hazard: not that I'm complaining 

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