Monday, September 12, 2016

Best to have anal & oral sex than to kiss on the mouth ok?” with good-natured ideology and phonetic transparency Guillermo Del Toro interacts with Gwyneth Paltrow mad with empathy caught up in magical, pristine Dark Ages global antiques Metallica's plenty of depths prom GI Joe laced with pop-out fist in a complete cardboard box the free will that boggled Jack Keruouac on LSD combining Facebook emoji and Mao's time to shine in upside down Capri Sun pantomime “here's a plug” unconsciously triggering NASA giggles marveling at the dust planet's headband the Lego giants' fat hands alone with their profanities reconstruction of Hong Kong may have enabled metal 90s malls in a transition tank as charcoal ark passes once on the lawn embodying destructive food but then something odd happens: “we're all connected,” like some infectious artificial intelligence in protective bubble inextricably feminist Trojan lapse on my wrapped lunch, dangerous robot revealed – the mangler drawing sword grabs goats' ghosts by the hair – 'the “difficult” part of gym membership sounds lights temperatures.' Pornhub by the way, healed anarchist with highrise-visualization in hot pockets beyond sensitivity's shadow dominoes into the psychic realm “the shining” dropped traffic lights 

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