Friday, August 12, 2016

“Sorry your "overdose" counterfeited pattern of atmosphere of cautiously thin laptop” -
dining on big blood blisters as a voter, I had poop shoulder the rose of my fanfiction –
Hysteric dead or alive, can be glamour or not: I will fuck. I will kill – levitating above the great earthquake – hard infrared from the eyes, left amazing image in segments repaired or not. Brain's purpose is warmer until I've had my bright sausage – 1998 daredevil stopped masturbating and exercising – disappearing was possible – bailing out – bloodlust from chemical reaction like JAWS when I'm better mood. your waist extracted from middle of granola floating and dissolves into my butthole! You think is the problem, eating and even a wild helmet like brief pot belly so well done in net art, then blow it up – left complexion out in the stickiest sky, buried in unknown stream-of-consciousness covering good mood with rotten negatives – a lot more abject Charles Bronson's yellow pee gushing into campfire with disingenuous eyelids, and even the light 

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