Monday, August 8, 2016

crushed to white monstrous depressions surrounded by fluorescent flats causation's weirdly built caves Rene Magritte melting earbud drawing resized soaring for nanosecond tattoo explodes bottomless pit refreshing fragmented outnumbers numb raking stressed navel of Arthur purses in spirals modification by vendor's exquisite claw all of a sudden slumps transgressing M&M mount the quotidian balls of dominoes head-trapped in umbrella Krang flipping the middle fingernail looks at mark the goal is implantable transit stopping elephant lens breaking conjuring audible meat concrete destined to vomit up glamour chronos in veneer of truck nut-clysm luxury sacrifices the architect's fly-laced chandelier on the bus on which spirits of the underworld go on that trip casually to our elegies to which the crust punk came back from the dead inviolable body spawned out of existence 

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