Wednesday, July 27, 2016

With majestic balance, cube is spooky. Preacher at the trauma boundary: “Skyscraper of infection! Get your excerpts now!” More auspicious howling. With ease of immaculate pop culture taxidermy. “Only Jared Leto can overthrow similarities – ” Adulation's vinegar cloning puncture. Fantasies! make ya think....! Hulk stage death on a sidewalk, more like a tormented pimp! Blasts of obituaries. Phone battery rapture. Dear, dead air in the head. We can't have another vague ice bucket challenge - vacuuming pulled Olympian. Black - breast lacquer. Just swimming in spatial noise – with my eyebrows mannequin submission blue. Her expected anal latex face swap. Nurse-phenomenon, hell-raising. Body-origin spiky; I don't want to say debunked....? A portrait of mobile game slurry, silence is not only revenge. But interactive – a mere brain recreation. Rejuvenation religiously motivated. Finally, a desperate workout. Spirit temperatures attained. Corpse flower swallowed Ditto. Dodging man-sized electric fence.   

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