Saturday, July 2, 2016

The skull drowning puckers, functions totally relax heights,
mold beyond good hair – strung assemblage out and dissected
die for unmoored desert, outshine fall of
conceptual electricity which deep sprays Satan's bride –
on failure pills intent speed, the black tape outer space corn of Quidditch
and consensus in a shudder – that positive connectivity and
consistency omit cat asymmetric: anime beautiful views –
the Skrillex beard upping, preaching sensuality bloodstained
to exes, creature of darkness vanity, asshole tranquil, erotically
a mere clown, illustrating the death penalty hammock –
smoldering streets of tropical, free stuff otter:
The media could not be played underwater....
BBQ absorbs – as though David Lynch “oil against hum –
troglodytical robot passive “dreary root canal alone-locust
gimmick” were the Minecraft paddle's fatal flaw, the octopus
whose nervous system whirlwind teeter changes  

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