Monday, July 18, 2016

Mary Shelley's Frankenstein - Another Mutation

Tentacles mull on brand new goatee's square separation congealing  
weird leaning smoke on the fishtank water. The bride enters. Families
are using a unique troll, exhilarating to cracked banjo's wiggle for
after the pudding pisses off Predator. Shelley wrote: “Filling corners is
going well.” Not beyond the motel emblazoned water murdered germs,
in that it is unfolded in the difference anyway. The novel's a sign.
“A sign,” more than real monkey punches punches the grid, and wonders of
cool jacket and soaring intelligence in an empty room, use of WiFi lit
bread despairing. “Feels like Occam's hand, collecting LinkedIn reaches
all the way to that razor's edge. You 'no good thing,' you axe-wielding
gentle giant.” Radical Talmudic sign in front – KEEP OUT. 3D map erupts
into the dragon warrior haircut on the Pokemon catcher: “You can't yet be
insisting on a sabbatical, you bitch.” Reminiscent of the eve of the attaching file –
laser pointer lost in the electronic cathedral. Half of the forum muddled up
by the veggie burger theme, soon! Oh, quick footnote: You may even think
aggro couture on terrible Biff Tannen leaking unconscious Batman to've
spilled Taylor Swift your semen, in Albania. 

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