Wednesday, July 6, 2016

in bed grenade going off at the cocktail extremes like brain scan
of black & white buttons, with post-internet gesture of mind control
the order of horror film, for those who give a shit,
generically hot spacecraft chair commercials
watching porn in which, egg clusters graphite abyss
in the awesome ears, the anxiety jughead of self-decline in the
fire which human being Ghostbusters moon swapping faces still
waiting flat bottomed, destroy, sounds of hell disturbing indeed
sleepy, it's frightful. Pretty frightful
Staple of dolphin head void sand in fights, oh, the wasabe nights
The true furniture of nihilism Dolly the sheep padded, and
antennas, harambe.... before the crisis pleasure, the beginning of
organs summer... Throw up dark? Asking for a friend – the only sensible
nightmare dump self-abled upon which fuck.
Upon cocaine hewn from sink undercoat, slip in
chicken nuggets minutes wider than 3 am tattoo scale
of follies of mindfulness cuss – we are trying to
care about squirt, awry, sexually app cavernous circle
with you in which that with my AIDS white lobster 

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