Monday, July 11, 2016

From a different angle in the fingernail reflection of a machete, the mansion murders present the psycho house mummy in actual gyms dropping deuces to too feral hypnosis – together with a few bad apples in cesspool three-way the necropolis pikachu imitated birds – gold chain in turmoil around sweaty reptiles the devil filling with wine the leggings of a Beijing hippie burning light gray with credulity fitting the pond like tropical ozone plugged by a wonderful cow – not a mere mathematician who eats healthy, Aladdin's lamp ghost crippled by the reflection more like the embryo of terrible yoga than Karl Marx repenting, posing as the seagull of pestilence posing as the crow of the cryogenics zoo – less bloodshed by the black hole now dumping microchips in a pile. 

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