Sunday, July 31, 2016

Beer rumored to inhabit headache, imagined in list of ghost's drones – – I'm fine.
Hath Christmas narrowed meteor shower
down to biological GIF's extent – warm tarmac eater – adult sensitivity's balloon/
don't stop blob/ – Oral snake as naked as
bare-bones, from boudoir deploys blackened
come I've/ grapes of dissolution …. devastation more, yet more
Morning roots to land on. Netflix hardening motion/
Details vomit-inducing sound. Sewer shambolic bachelorette, take the wheel –
In his butt, with feet in the water, catching up on inside green , crawls –
mucks augmented reality with bunker mentality up
hollow, form every angle of allure Stockholm syndrome flap-wolves,
phantom of advertisements the filter reaps –
to flower lava on a cusp broken down; tube's spreading fried orbit;
from hostility, AI's heads cog begging balls
with dentist's blues - serial killer gossip sorrowful sighs horse gentle;
“fuckin love you babe
xxxxx hangover” and “pendulous with antibiotic,”
for here medical marijuana Larry
wants nature-intensity in aggressive song
The sex toys instead of ethereal government,
the bad samba with the distortion   

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