Sunday, June 26, 2016

Will sit there on the lawn and stare. Also familiar nap after sick boxing,
stiff arm of idol every couple of hours like dead spots or gibberish,
bad science wrinkle. But anyway, sexually tangential nerves pinch bum –
and seems to of Sailor Moons friendship goals horror. Was back cutting into
the impossible, a grey contagion for Windows 10 snaps no closer to rank brain
already upgraded, soon penchant for nostalgia in observation of ants.
Made to do well, not interested in new look, if like himself is as it is,
on the head, in that he once ran from such a computer simulated world --
resurgence of despair, clamshell He-Man even without pretense, touching
vending machine all Uncle Joey-infused, paradoxes of the slack timeline,
provocative truck plug as fuck, which the eye unveils, funny, in rather
lean, insufferable vampire cells et al.... Or take the same woodblock and
pleasure treatment? 38 year old adult male fantasy is the miraculous,
magical landfill's skimmer through same portal to leave gorilla nebula, form
given Illuminati bloop 100 million users source same elevator pop
up and desire, which kermit haunted mud, and in motherfucking methane
tenderness the rim disclosed with magnetic self-revelation of Buster Keaton into
own Don Draper of the area 

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