Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Sample Of The Modern Conservative's Rant - Another Mutation

Oh you critically golf three genders' aromatic heart in evil
blood sugar vacuum being like what's ugly? Hypocrite!
I guess with the tools of agnosticism Superman the fucking racist (yeah) doesn't
entirely grok the final prom scene in the soccer video game “hee hee” -
he lives in Maine, a foie gras bot with a syringe to each nipple traps mental
sewage portions in Burberry jigsaw amber with some of the authenticity of
the Resident Evil third person camera's misshapen paisley, while others pity the cult
of the individual that went Totalitarian to get fun chicken loads in alien abduction
with the top down homeschooled partisan automation pleased
with debris helped keep their hair jacked phallic bird made of parking tickets-style
origin of the stunning vegetation nutsack demo under the Amazon gazebo -
Game over, humanist. Philosophic swag illusion destroyed beach.
Barbarous suicide rotating Kool-aid choked got juice in the dunk tank
feuds between pets and – dunk DUNK DUUNNGGGH – pet visibility....
Christ, Darth Vader jingling Tide impulses under the flap of sorcery doesn't
even wake up, not a mathematician, Betty Boop, just
a sci-fi apostate who deleted his account with a seamless black pan. HAHAHA! IDIOT!!!
On unrelated bulk of e-cig transition from cucumber to marijuana gif it's hard for
Bjork not to blow zef bricks of full blown Viking zombie in the wind.
If you pay really close attention, dude, I'm a saint. Hugging only likable trees.
Once a week, the future is chaotic. Turtles, etc. Frozen baby piss pimped galaxies,
showing sickness totally not worth the odor... 

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