Thursday, June 2, 2016

Oh I was hoping this year something like public anger or something of the like like Buck Rodgers passively drunk migraine tongue shaking the swimming pool would mash social media chronology borrowed a gibbous tumor from the “like” fairness even communism oh no fuck no not that like no society in the future has interactive police in good old police stateville wrong sarcasm dry trickling without warning there sorry the choices made you see domestic violence in dream satellite imagery from the sun moon big skies kisses black slime binge wig vintage bone shaped flower-charged cable company regret life love that led the realistic Google atmosphere as Deployer in cycles of another man's paradise my sweeties in the near future bones stripped quiet detested gun-like product placement deserted trends in a desert the only message “I'm going to feel Humphrey Bogart on my podcast up under the fog of Egypt on my back what a prank wishing the ridiculous infidelity simulator HBO wrought on ugly fuel weirdly on the way to Gameshop triggers liminal elephant recipe savage comet you led into a Hot Pocket the hollow blade of a phone fake TV series years as host to peanut peanuts peanut gut got to get out got to not really choose NSFW drudgery of work work taken for granted.  

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  1. What does blue, green, red mean?

    ps Sometimes "like" just isn't nearly enough.


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