Tuesday, June 14, 2016

In the former sense, no, I live inside, plucked, draw end “grated”
head pivoted shoulders snap crackle and, in a sense, not in the
interest of ourselves, scared by Obsidian vivisection Bilderberg drinking in,
after all, carnal and decently lose shit. Together, how much a half pint of helpless
routine, that's more water out of the brain dead. That's widely known,
I think. Surrounding the inner workings of radioactive rapture I budget in,
the eggplant of invented rooftops sure of self blast of bag of viral syllable
shaped cartoon voice even without the latter power,
which alien civilization propels realistic shooting star, broken,
no Gitmo meat Ark dinosaur to Reddit out of folding screens,
of, in mountain mouth lingerie with confidence breed I, thin Godzilla
wired death peed dulcet black gown ass forth comment along with
map of gas. Via smart virus, birds televised and “liked” impact
Rockabilly loved remora bright in Sony series plumbing.
Belying that nightly hierarchy, though, I have also really liked putting
together snakes that peek into the dark side. 

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