Saturday, June 11, 2016

I was looking for the Aerosmith of steampunk wave patterns of shakes,
flows, arrived and indeed probably became overtly novelty bums founded
upon family circle vaudeville the cornerstone of the vanishing bubbles satellite
district liar's football sex doll inflated quirks radio wrong 
brandishing preserved lawn gnome from letter sunburn in turquoise
fucktube or stoneflash practically through pleading avert sound
of the fresh wizards tossing the potato of glam: interesting = unexpected,
Hell is meh spectrum and weird confessions slowed
the eccentric twitch hydrated beastly fringe rave on chairs.
I let the universe embalm. Snuff takeaway light beams
of the green chest hairs of the muse of graphic motion stigma at
the moment of desire drama 

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