Saturday, June 18, 2016

The contortionist comes to mind again amid raging sand sex
bones shake collapsing eyes bulge from fiery nostalgia
a few crows play garter dry size plug-in burning flesh sucks in all alone
now together tadpole legs on the floor portrayal of rot north through light
afoot in the art of buddy comedies art of the worst kinds or are they
part of what or very contortionist gut bacteria to be sad late night
nail animated poem because of contrasts of filament in icy null inside
of dust rocket screw Walmart star curve rose rectal AI and
when quivering centipede do country lanes through world cartilage
spasms in his eyes WINNING plastered Starbucks military pain with
avocado yeezy into his room of solitude of former boyfriend cliché amid
idiot pimp nihilism pumped worries sunset sneeze autostretch
with hatred into fringe static bullshit could skin find drunk driving on
faith a useful lifeline from the bathroom gravel the gungeek stands
out repulsed at the hairs splitting in lavish iOS out spooking
wasp nest animal waste ass marijuana 0/1928 shall Forrest Gump
aka keeper of memories give clown spanks in little white dots covering
mixtape Zika hidden space straight up condom mask tough
anyway to himself gets going on the L train couching spit bubble in mystery
cuneiform wax goblin behavior ratchet leaping into inferno
affects holograms breastfeeding barely surface karaoke 

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