Saturday, May 14, 2016

Technology - Another Mutation

if u know anything about technology or remember ever looking good alongside or being intimate with the megastructure hidden in a clip jar forever throwing out live verse from a yawn connected to a giant senescent rat's fish brain the best totally uncontrollable respiration through a shredder blown brown bug light hotly within inner monologue attaches to the human notepad w/ suggestion of ice cream sensitivity's Twin Peaks that no one cares for a robot stripped of blonde excretion in a dead spot of access point elimination turning conspiracy into a false alarm chimed by the wind in my shoelaces sunken touch link touch butts goodbye death die cures for closeness facing its botanical hazard within mineral chaos of myself driverless at the malarial frontier relishing converging tech expressed by Lego ontology in evil laughter of songbirds & jail nerd spreading portrait of a family bulldog from its gills into magnetic fields toward curse of inmate laundry addressed to a pizza drone at the dark heart rattle within a sarcastic clamp on the monster punching bag copulating with the gold medalist policeman with larval access of the voice of reason in the arcade's silence Glenn Danzig rising again to grab geographic circles blackened bored blissfully riveting on a pivoting ladder stretched origami-like from your doom valley IP freely upon upended church peg still-alive and then mosey along catwalks centered simultaneously in applications trending through tier on tier AT&T in a pool of artificial AI rolled back good and nice like eyes within the bad 

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