Sunday, May 8, 2016

Skinhead Clam

So much Han Solo says dude! And expresses climbing a tree. As a blanket for the tasteless brain disorder a gnarly penis pic fails the TOOT in the ROAR! in cattle lightning strike videos.

“Similar is still seen around, and which I take for granted.
Carving more Hell by layering clothes native
to the cultural evacuation happening into the gloomy deep
of Space in a field on a rock.”

[Facial recognition: Make Scarface. Stale secret identity behind your glasses.
In photos may rock the boat. Delivery service stroller [prevents great expectations.]
helium swallowed by more than 300 Mars water sources: descent into w00t:

“On the Internet for fear of yoga fingerboarder under your bed,
I'm back on her Facebook wall baby!”

Pointed out the tangerine adjunct bowing out of a streetcar named desire.
To give your asshole to anyone is not expected. In fact ensnares
only two people. Effort is radioactive. Bring patties. Train spider....
“In patent leather I aspire 25 degrees next to the most interesting girl foot
You didn't kill the bear by accident]
The struggle of the asshole to clinch murder output in suspicion of oneself in so much coat has leaked
from the heart of the baseball –
But the iridescent collapse of the cannabis always the same positive
photogenic aggression ponders the Contraption. keep the Jekyll in your
filters grossly absurdly e.g. Hieronymous Bosch opening sequence still a-And.”

Always the same 25 degree triple shroud: to to. for by.
the plague of familiarness a screen to trauma. bones of non-silver lining expected to frame willowy plant meat funny caption too good to be true fluctuates to permanent prime number.

Supercut to selfie. Fade to baby shit. [Beer smoothie debunked.].
Slur around Los Angeles for boobs. high-tech furniture
as the appointed safe space for bruise area. 

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