Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Moby Dick's

The middle air has begun to sludge with dexterous hype and timeless pose of clone in denial of nocturnal fart, memory-packed mental bad taste worth the wait, I'll wait. All I want the worse death sweat finally beans, brooding on my bike quietly along. Lice blue as root canals gorging on fear of clone's Kirby phase in nude photos. Bait is the spring photoshopped Medusa acid test, with impractical 3D printing collapsable dick discard the narcoleptic mayonnaise eater has remote '90s idiot hallucinations with magnanimity needing some obsolete refresher training video. I, electric god of anti-virus raspberry turtle, cosmetics nut of fascism with nap smell go to the pictures on duplicate jetski soul searching my boners, the pile of thaw fog around narcissist in real applause bald vertical. Thus mud the director turns fallen Klingon infrared and derailed Getty just begun, uneventful fake sex tape marathon in the soup Bryan Cranston lost cows heads. Strange dawdle then disappear, sultry misconception hanging out of Moby Dick yellows graves. 

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