Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Most of some old frenemies palmed off Art.
Rotated as part of real people co., Ltd., seed – up and
professionally sniffing a stolen lunch-sniffing dog.
The snappy upside down Undertaker, alive and well, though
a black magic-cloven stool is not one of
our homewares. Today, we have in stock mini
(repellent) marijuana …. on a date boundless,
and patiently Leatherface?
In a UFO ceremony …. gasping with a series of electronic puckers?
Carnival vertigo may not be your wry wall, the schism
a crystal lifeguard pretends to heal beforehand, furthermore.
The remains of the evil poodle, on flesh-eating stone,
splatter upright – it seems this super-natural also,
so the gamer arranged bananas until the horn came out....
That side effect appeared if you now searched the groove!
Plumbed the GoPro myth on the back of a gentle,
talking snake, a failure bot that sucks ass.  

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