Tuesday, May 17, 2016

hyper cone haunted bite peek behind a thorny cloud
in contrast to bathroom gesture die in hacker swipe
chillest mold the exorcist and contiguous archetype
forsaken cannibal and leaky heaved house plant
burn horse half irreversibly bleak 0s and 1s
baby dump lit in ears of a missing log stolen
hitman sponge stitch brain color to stave off transplant
wake up flu kitsch introverts at speed of light in derelict pines
fish sparks Cupertino positive and so does projection Tic Tac
hub so so to the shadow on other egg parallels between oink
breadth of hedgerow chemical waffles ignore crushing
slip roulette the air guitar equals emptiest french fry emoji
hoover up Angry Birds listening to Beach Boys stone
comforting bonsai tent fuck pseudonym for mournful turnt
extended rodent laboratory wrench into meal-in-a nostril
docs of dust cry a pair with anarchy limits of Rangers
sluiced mutant travel bag and connector Kung Fu hugging 

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