Friday, April 29, 2016

The average bed spring disguised in the chaos of prison time goosebumps
undulates in a space telescope's breakdown upon a dead bump, “a
state of mind” subjected to blob of kitsch radar still rolled up “big pharma-style,”
the complex criminal cock rock not included, is midnight Leonardo DiCaprio
oblivious to the care circus's forgotten climate change lesbian's sword in
a sense Darth Vader fat girl suck my tonsil matter contents, his dirty mind shut
down miles square techno, piece of ear nature's supernatural intruder is in, as at
skullcap height Chewbacca car dealership becomes apt, e.g. slime as metaphor
for professional wrestling & bedding, the mushroom symbolism montage of buffalo
et al, frozen in the jizz slowly and because of the black hole polygamy celebrates
at cemeteries the patriarchy says breast reduction pwns, disposes and takes on fish
farm mural against the chill pill's optical illusion of an open gong in the baby's
grandma crib painstakingly is real. 

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