Tuesday, April 26, 2016

New World Order – Another Mutation

Writhings haunt a type of air sweeping up ping pong balls.
Through naked New World Order fashion suicide based in Fremen self-sufficiency,
you'll attack glass in Moab with Pierce Morgan – indoors, a Chernobyl
sneeze fails to get the lemonade out from gouty joints.
The moleskin seems a little sweaty at times. Crusts in lustful
tsunami of food poisoning's resistance to grappling hook.
Happy Grateful Dead day. Come out tonight! I've 13 views of the hybrid
cell on Alien antidepressants – the oil-phobe's chilling cure thru endless
rough surgery at a medley of golden altitudes will resurrect a hateful beauty again –
Ripley licking acid humps beaches the huge mind on a doormat.
More robot drama, switches raked through nice food delivery options,
Saturn's goofy strip tasted on the death outpost's sacred accelerator.   

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