Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Mid Sin Tin, Fog, & Levitation

Fresh insect fugue pump remote save assuage sausage spinning
poured glaring foreshadowing can't resist ice age toy gun's
angry prostate underworld slither paved with lousier
yellow to shit night on earth. Would drift of hair dryer noise fuck
with compatible ether as the wrong cluster pearls before cold maggot mist
filling its disgust with a leatherbound tractor beam unmanageably
imagined spirits of mice laughing in a drop of brown? Interbred denim
cloud without a brain manifests URLs in a lamp dreaming red angels burning
in a taxi which twin Dalek architectures fuck, thank you, squid transcribed
emotionally eating into consciousness dude, man. Dirt zoo fathom hot twist jaw-
dropping horror mountains enclose the devil in me. Magic computer virus dressed
in beer scales who doth wear coconut shells chronologically layered in desecration
structures cotton dream-skin's septum finger-lickin' dank wrath. 

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