Wednesday, April 6, 2016

It doesn't matter if they are quite dead. Dear God. Eternal light.
Earthly suffering. The elephant is made of blue ozone.
Killing women. Pussy and cars. I'm an American. An Armenian.
Girl in a band must shut up! Enjoying watching die.
Olive branch. Babylon. Some children did not ask to be born.
Emo. What have I become? Wading through tears. Putin.
Boogie woogie. Dark. The cops are sniffing around my mobile
home. I'm from space. Earth looks vulnerable form space.
Dreams do come true. Time surpasses the happy times.
Doubt creeps in. God made me an orphan. The penis is a pipe
dream to every whore. Beautiful music pumps through the guy
when he enters the girl. Fruit man puts his tongue on the nose
of a dog, it's fucking ruined now.... Within an inch of my life.
Prime numbers. Last night was icky to the girl. Not cool. Not cool.
This girl is trying to be annoying, and is succeeding.
The fool thinks. I'm not into that kind of shit. Batfuk.
The guy has so far cut open the guy's head 4 times. Filled with
rage, cursing. The guy plays Solitaire to blot out the vague lingering
guilt. The guy and the girl are politically incompatible. Sitting
on hard humps.

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