Saturday, March 19, 2016


Banging on emerging, tone dead lily pad
Bat out of its own rejecting shadow trailing gray
Went to heaven texting
To feel out God's voice recognition in-depth
Truck dude still deceased in his own fresh port
Hell on Earth bee-bop oil-dong
The ravens discarded
Fascist Microsoft groove (must die)
Raw high-rise like blotted-out statue
Immersive crunch shed Hulk Hogan
LEGO solar panels chump OK
Embellished our graves
A too bubbly world order
An unloved staph infection takes up space
Tryst playing drunk with Mortal Kombat character limit
Annoying horny lobster
Linux teased inner dope
In porno jars grid-sufferers coal
In snake mullets ruminate
In public particle collider shotgun chemical parakeet
Pray hunger humane and cheap stop
Awful software bug of emerald as modern wax-wing
And synth personally pop as flammable roaming
Darkness-obvert ya regrettable mask
Resting slop of Monsanto rethinking silicone
And jacket tongues bathrobes on space station
The good water twisted liver
And abominations articulating minimal
Dance anxiety cities slime

If anything moved it was a septum ring, to cause new
pain, gentle asshole bleaches typically in cryosleep
even though he couldn't push them, till overflowing
happened to you, this is not me simultaneously,
revenge touchy-feely nor seasonal affective disorder
as fuck, stopped thinking about head pulse the last time I,
directly lifted form golden lightning, in Tacoma, Washington. 

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