Wednesday, March 16, 2016


ineffable paper stuck around sex-related
(burning & smoke)
meadow of irremovable lurching
and electronic foreign body
at the wind, make orifices flooring toilet plunger
reverse gestated screw driver,
(and not including perforation)
he sat upon front of his septic trunk, sand in attachments
patiently the vultures sprain, excluding contusions
all parts of hematoma his finger anus-plant & dropped nothing
- while neck ingested elbow
she waits, and the strange lacerations glove
- dressed in work attire
appeared you guys wait Mars!
pawn-aesthetic entranced personal blue
in a peaceful imitation
of shrug scattered
recognize sheets of magic afloat
burn-vexed smiling while alligator
automaton miraculous from the sky.....
the devil's home video
carcasses amid widening
touching Ur-intersections (moment of parallelograms)
covering the future
(thick per hour)
and the Replicant totally died
will have a lot of slew
of yesterday afternoon,
lose mind sitting on division of the thinnest chair
headless shoot opioids in encryption
of status quo fuck themselves enuretic nope silly
ferry dark soul have
begun theoretical Nokia spicy
but how much anything's Ninja exquisite does
not throw out any heat; my heart stopped
my hands tied down a hole;
pleasure cords fire
upon spots malevolent, as any birth,
there's a tiny hair in everything
with seraph-allergy
lactic dick stopped failed to
envelop acid of cock
to inform
This is not to be missed:
ageless ketchup sapphire
reuse elliptic trashcan: unzip origami dangerous
for t-shirt suppression to
improve, transfix toast fake as such Thor's hammer's
transition into rotted fan
for a large brain damage sunshine canine incredible
pixta or pictures, pretending is normal 

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