Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Honeycomb, like coming home, ushered in the butt of precarious roof, beach
footprints monotonous like dishes, like first kisses, remains of dignity slaughterhouse
through their bodies, mechanized GI Joe sweltering fruition upon whore cold in the
ground, his face spineless snap close together, fastest-growing melons of the
unruly prick, grotesque signs horny in soil, ostrich balls spaced nude Trump coin
inception tolerate dermatologist's red pesticide, impose snow fucker with zap of humunculus' own big hands, traumatic make-believe sans studded eye pleasant
traverse pure evil, AI of the gods of Absence shift the butt of food, squirm when 
supernatural morphin' ape embodied twilight, engraved garbage pulp buddy
fumes, has the bug brains of a toxic avenger, couch of Heath Ledger transpires
lavish surf induction, a wet bed, baptized by Darth Maul, woke voodoo gets giant
false stemming bowels symmetry of fires to envelope unwitting treasures in garage
sale dark moment, YouTube is worth it, and inhaling spacious manifestation, spiky
ribs of the toe on gameshow Nazis blame Queen transplants Rocky's semen scab sinews
qualm dusty web totally, creepy meat static stop motion Spike Jonze cells stoop
enhanced, gored side by side, shiny posthumanity, crap one by one, incessant spirits
canvas of guy on tanning bed outside of liquid emits, crime fighting impedes veins in
skulls handheld Tokyo black possessing surgeon who sluiced butthole Micky Mouse like
mushrooms in her arms, a slut for elusive tortoise sans medical unity, envelopes mad
alienphobe, sword peeled with huge fabric of petroleum Borealis topless death email threshold of crater at 4AM, the throw-up attraction, social media mythology tranquil
on piss pillars, turns intimate ransom of janitor into beautiful peanuts beaten into

1 comment:

  1. the gods of absence... this linerang like a bell

    petroleum borealis... This one lifted me


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