Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Good morning, and Chloe Moretz. Cut-outs – autonomous –
fridge head on hands – kill worm, the loudest pie telescopes
love – sharing dark side of contradiction – deleted scenes
of CT scan paste hearse trunk vision along pawn's ax....
Gutter Nerf degenerates into bedpan noir. Graffiti plagues 2D
board games isolated in a cast of Web 2.0 jungle, and angry white
(raven). Enters Minigolf (cavern) on giant's shoulders. Optic butt
plug explores (gravel path) on mud train. Wrestling can feel rubbery:
in the weirdest paradigm, my iPhone powers threaten subconsciously –
bloody imaginary celestial subway; Jaws death's jail's vertical
dating site topography of shake-off holy crap – Jedi rock meld –
Earth suffering from backyard mountains. The chicken hidden by
the bachelor's expired! maize (uneasy knob) – encouragingly – dead
devil bits falling off, likable.... Pokemon meet Ted Bundy in
the car wash funnel – bristle – hiss. Virtual reality (exaggerated?),
Sinbad jumpy.

Hello what to the aging process the spaces between 'roids
here and there on Super Mario have become window to
schematic pop, here and there have become the WWI
plague doctor, wormless cumming *lights candles* for
my tombstone to read instant messaging, just ketchup and
emo cop will soon be joined, revenge is what happens
when you guess what i'm saying. Walking the snow for
some cream on the cock, you and I are smitten by aspects
of pussy's own language, stupid shine and helpless grillz.... 

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