Friday, February 26, 2016

The large testicle entombed in R2-D2 (arms stretched) splashes on his Nikes,
needs R-rated persuading by traditional girlfriend, ecstatically, or else be
mesmerized by a looming network of death farms – a reiterated glimpse into
their galaxy of centerfold coral, into the pollution (of hate) of the self-driving car.
Cancer killed my dog (the bad movie's velvet oddity appears and disappears
very quickly). Squat itself in Tinder shambles mock-throwing FBI music-
bollocks at an atlas (representing a more empirical Tumblr) on Japan just
when the ultimate Vader of librarians joined a Turkish boy band and Mexican
adults huffing the mystery malice of Poster Brit's misty Caesar vaping soulful
death knell in infinite pork jersey and Vans condescended to race using
Martian philosophy. The cries of overhead fish match the accents of children,
those squirrels of Europa who announce the return of the virtual world (on stickers).
The uncontrollable whitewashing of Victorian bad posts through the death of
Weird Twitter seduces the KKK into a spree of postal sex, their horrid paramedics
horrified, struggling in confusion to unevenly flash a muggled vampire shrinking
in the pool at a friend's wedding reception – which fairy tale descends into surrealist 
porn over the next thousand years like addiction eating at a fresh tie. Roses backlog a
monster's dry underbelly. Nude against a red wall on the street opposite Love's
underground butchery whispers through paper burned money in a bundle in the
hand of an android screaming in rental cars burned into the night screaming all
other parts of the meme OK.... The dick increases (in size) if you kick it in the ear. Its
(interior) lake buzzes like a helicopter through rings of subterranean beer forfeiting
the old-fashioned Count's grudge by falling in love with/in praise to itself
with flu's sound. 

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