Saturday, February 6, 2016

The dead are the victim and win. Can orgasm: behind the nut
love. Cadaver liver shot fam. The spiritually pathetic, abject lost pig
self-masturbator loses. Folk album covering place of worship.
A rocket lost at sea. The point of view of microbes.
Contextual.jpg soup, predators who abuse video games. In uneasy
index unveiled Vampirella's bones: you: steel beams:
Andy's measly moon: dies psychedelic – his dimpled boxing
stomps burning in telemarketing horror: the secret self
leaps in humiliation screwing himself lockjaw. Magic attracts
and plucks LEGO into perspective.... Eats Heaven's chime.
Nerve's drone. Brings a gun to the abortion: doom. The CIA
and the New Mind milk her love letter in pervy deer hunter
English Lit inflamed, feel better than Andy aka the sagging zombie.
Hypnotic Chick-fil-A. In misshapen goat sweater. The echo kills.
Rusticated junk rotating in shades of crazy sedge. When wallpaper
becomes organism. And obstacle: autumn. Smegma on the floor.
TV leaked: brutal. Forget their strangled cat. Come get you inside
you, man fang low, pack of hobos playing God suffering the
consequences (of meat obsession) – behind the thumbnail soft head like
a snake. Margin 69. Erect hatred. Sacrifice beautiful facial appendages.
A big toe of bloodconvergence. Andy sat watching dolls play
ping pong, cadavers get Oscars: in a pebble of time in a belly button.
His entire personality is a dick move. Texting: thirsty for vertigo.
Obscurity is a pancake. 

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