Sunday, February 14, 2016

Kissing through stem of wasp in nerd relativity monstrously undiminished
enlarges glasswork of lard, slashes Achilles electro-tunnels of Air Jordan
wandering on the coals of French zero gravity fashion's bitter porn,
nature doesn't even exist, Einstein makes me feel better (as a negative), they're
definitely not back together, but it's badass – a severed dick – assertive in
Hell enthrall to the center of dirt, and ditching a Rubik's Cube
in the blink of Chernobyl with arms falling off: landing on a deathbed,
doctor mixed young people and the narrow mind of an alien.............//
homes that are haunted are perverted (incendiary spoiler, providence that rubs the
vein that runs through bad food black). Truth squeaks; a rattle's memorial held
down by men's size bubblegum of vintage chain email outbreak of condom-breaking
sequence flooding: dudes cement her skin shanghai the resiliency that shaped
him push the two apart; rejected cyclostomes of jazz of hurt in the cracks
of yeti bowel movement, eyes needed, waste thundering in the shells of a high
five, recycling of a curse freezing in elephant neurons to shred the twisting shafts
of a beautiful woman, your sister, poetic as death, enjoying implication,
can read.  

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