Thursday, February 11, 2016

I conjure up the serpent bun. Influenza spread holy and the voice recognition
tattooed coherently dope. Is it a taunt or a consolation, Hannibal? Ramen isn't
helping; it merely elasticizes an already black hole. So in trying to remove the
sticker from wood, the antihero of Google Translate is mauling a resting bitch
face on medical marijuana (hibernation requires delusion in spurts). Next, you're
gonna need hoops to grapple with (remember, you will probably be sliding on
hot masking tape). Sarah reads my mind through meat – this is before 1960, where
a bit of inflatable tornado gets the mayo in rugged thralls. Decapitating my
grandparents in circa 90s honky banks' employ – lest panic moisturize denim
with rhyming Valium out of gloomy mud's sack; in fire Toxie is a Red Lobster –
shudder of a large puddle: and a small box hostage to Netflix like a hick's crown of
Minecraft cumulus.... and, well, the glimmer of stew be dead on the inside....
I grab your hand: the blood clot makes me feel better. Cooks ass worse than
Twitter harassment by adult AI. We're suffering the male scientist cum pickup
artist's dismembered mummy for a meager glimpse of animal liver in the meagerest
of Lucasfilm slashers. Fuck YOU, Tarantino.  

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