Friday, February 19, 2016

Ghost in progress, heeled bloody jack, lets disease reverse
unlock DADA's lustre, a conspiracy that must backlash to
settle horror in fecal soak-up experiment, some inhuman
phone of plastic green, some twisted pizza spirits flop
in, bundle, as into a dark tower trashes lament for few shards
of a good occasion to Siri between animal rights and Gmail
bromance, up to the beginning of fun, polarizing brassy,
the impaired shrimp preferring slug in a jumpsuit = dental
fingerprints of penis enlargement adverse to poster oil heavenly,
the dubious cure Kurt Russel wanna trash women with, i.e, with the
fart, the hubris of public crying in a pair of pants, the employee
could have been built stronger, to deliver flush of universe
in cybersex with flamethrower beat down like excess flesh,
drop dead Hellraiser intimate chases bedmate while killing,
bourgeois GIFs of the drop of a mic into umbrella of
basilica immortal, unheard, filled with smiley stuff, gray
with pop music, and off-key behead unicorn rats that wobble
through the theme park like lice, hostages to and below the evil
electricity of the sun, a graphite meal to make you so horny,
resembling a valiant reaction to that sheet of jerkins, observe my
emblem, the lip of which the rain played on raised, the spa speckled
with tiers of puke, sponge its aesthetics down in a parody of
Bin Laden, whose self-examination leads to emphatic Sid Vicious,
the cowboy disaster, or the tapered glowworm a rotted lava lamp
supplanted, goes off to the touch of Band Aid which stymied gas
shiny, to breed on the tail of pulp slashed. 

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