Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Dogmeat tentacles plus the bad jungle leg climb shadow-addled
averse transitioning Dunwich blossom in ritual parallel blotted
sleep horror eruption of digestion the mirror cardboard photograph
formation in outsider murders constipated by mouthful of chem trails of
god(s) with the lobster Burzum too gravitational for fat, organs too
CGI egressed nude. Cinderella wasn't born to splurge on such luxury
but the thought of its phosphate sick like some puke stays: peg legged
buildup on sofae: something like cuts around eyes in dry-cleaner
climate: afraid someone gets jealous while monsters like Andy rock climb
khaki feather in imaginary space – “I'm not like other static bacteria” sez Andy:
hunger filtered in strewn eyebrows. “I'm going to make core letters from algorithms
criminalizing ads with my pet surge” – ring finger fish head stealing energy
through pervasive boogie meteorite of nostalgic sodomy and big tyranny
code of pro athlete gut balls blaze denser than a never ending dangle of
interdimensional shapes. Pain in enigmatic lurking shatters in a Soylent
pile of alternate slimed harmonica: evidence of time travel: glaucoma in
suspension of disbelief: networking genius death birth barreling of a cookbook
author's cock through the floating montage. With sensory secret weapon
trumpet die trying to make love to the hand that feeds the hot head. 

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