Thursday, January 28, 2016


I do not know what I do. I sometimes have a clue, and
sometimes there's an acute awareness of what I am doing....
demons show me after the fact what I have done, though.

Uncle robo-deadbeat composite squelches acid gapped
dream triangles shimmer.... Grub stow transient as
usual, the casket defines us whittling and shit, the notion
is pushing other millennials into shame in its entirety.... like
most reconnected genitalia, techno buried the leaning crush
stumbling to jettison incredible hairstyles in swift
battle ennui with different objects.... peed on to destroy
and show emotions obviously in boredom flatus.

I am sleeping too much.

Snooze sin ritual arrived newly-spired satellites candles
after the fire. Andy doesn't keep the warmth as well as he
could, all day feeling amazing. The special ingredient
was a great astrological vibe while sitting at home
alone, shouting like gunshots standing naked in
a corridor, trying to constantly just flash the equivalent
of demonic appetite from Andy's iPad.


With his rage-autism hiding behind a wall broken by
a curse.... kept blinded at a distance by The Beast Without
A Care.... Girl with sunken oyster eyes hyperventilating
at the sight of the prettiest girl in the world....

On cloudy days I suffer from claustrophobia.

Spark a ripple of snow jeans knock on wood with
kisses saved to my phone smear a rapist. When it
should work it doesn't and when it shouldn't work
it does. Ripple smashes through roast, rippled milk,
tornado slug snakes on a flying cheese brick.... The
pink head of a leap year gotta bait too much fuckboy
for armchair worker power skewing scorpion tail
in parachute trousers....

Looks like shit.

Bold, all-math Scooby shrugs off laugh track by transparent
bomb squad.... naked pic aftermath is like water running
like dandruff to Herman Hesse into blades of grass.... I should
be required to have a well hung butt as a man cooking
soft cleft during the apocalypse because of her tenacious family
extricating some plugs, mugs!

No one lives.

The boyfriend shakes the zombie.... smoky mall vape falls off
plaid which the human hand floating like a header dying
with the smell of reality television ain't short of weak
bonding goo like the radiant underworld of digestion.... an edible
fist of red, stained concept website hieroglyphics seems to
discolor on impact like words on a page....


Looking back with my blood clot in a slingshot, oblique cake
space bites the best Dune, which pushed me out and while still
somehow remaining a sign on the fleek finally sucked up
Lawrence of Arabia.... Jail bling kicked out of the comic
sexually equally, which must be how beekeeping golden shit
must literally trill the vase of astrology, whose languidly unfailing
Miracle Whip holds the milked turtle like a giant wang
until rendered pancake assed....

I'd like to get into the illegal pet trade.

Bitch's death clutch reads my hateful Beatles towards the
full eight.... he's struggling to reclaim so many cool things....
Don't wanna deal deep puffy from smoke juice bushwack
igloo attitude choo choo buckled to the chainlink
dream open raging festive needle burn torched
women's bowling feels meal crab thot gone misty bones
sullen along a chosen boop chube....

The girl's snake's eyes meet the guy's fish's eyes.

A puppy's ear's in the jugular chamber revolving
on the goat button .... acidic science introducing
saliva in deep cuts and.... greeted with immersion
by a little toilet paper.... yet but I think you're
a ghost conniving into the shadows proudly
rootbeer scimitar already pretty much looks
like mountains with these hotpockets confirmed
stripper rocket pants with a skill level shrinking
roommates of the wild shit systems leaving the
many hats I have vulnerable.,... I'm fucking crying.

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  1. Oh, yes. So damningly familiar. Thanks for the catharsis.


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