Saturday, March 28, 2015

Earth's Viscera

the dream boils dragons turds
the mud magic is little sharks
the social tentacle of the money reverend
among the cannibal edges of sweet earth viscera
IT sandwiched between hentai circles
lifehacks bizarre wolf devil
dust bunny quagmire de Sade skulls
Toyota of living snot appendage
tying up pussy blurb gizmo which exploded Craig
college softness grinds grime
I am too Starbucks immortal contraption
crushed Disney flesh hunts bed slices
oblivious evil swallows elbow liquids
goldfinger conflates with moonshine
licking up droplets of supervillain paint

Monday, March 23, 2015

true long bites moat
a lit clog wag grot
nod and cheese
cubes pole a choreography on her button
bruises crime and inflatable
razor hated dress
eyelashes torture hips slung together
heels touching blackness email
is pissing radio as a voyeuristic shit obsession off
the tug of sex bones automatically shut
my underwear drawer in her talking the fuck up
evil piss intimacies morass inside blowjobs 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Masturbation through pinball, meat numbness through glass, the chaos posing in joined tension as sprites peel back and break your sack – a disgusting, tangled-up lung’s negative, menacing tastebud, eye slime gets in hair, quarry in which the eye gets harder – harder into beeping shadows – cartoon technology through magic’s concave nerve, fisting the cell’s mechanical soda grows gloop back in cute narcissism – acid rats hiss electric foreskin decaying around a replica affinity between silver screens and a very, very long belly button; envy of an unconscious ghost, television rooted in evil spewing, STD rotted sunlight – heart-roll like a hypnotic flower – crooked mist pulsing morbid impenetrability, when the blackness of the blood rib phlegm fiend’s convulsion guns cum cheesiness; sick violent constriction connects them beneath the delicious surface, real hyper appeal disappeared morphed in gang bang lies jammed into a rectangular throat 

Saturday, March 14, 2015

shocking dongs cup girls showcased crude 
ants death dick balls fart goodbye
aim crouch penis takes her hand
bitch grapples with a bad joke
shower curtain terminal munchies avoiding constant toilet darkness
cat’s asshole licking magnetism smear veiling dummy
explosion of components into classic ventriloquism
shove jars of desire invasive personal deep dark
enigmatic expelled kiss
courtship falls apart enacting burying the living dead 
hell somnambulist infecting vulva with mummification
bodybag red sniff anonymously
clowns puritan pony on a chair 
piss gets everywhere
piss to death

Thursday, March 12, 2015

cramp fart anal blood fuzz dusting
of bones of the land across the anus
glass with a deceased color satisfies the root canal analogy
a tentacled ape Oreo organ tensile plant’s
beauty sperm’s doll drill alien strike 
dormant Sleeping Beauty ass self-healing bug Aero
with a subjective arm in the kink synthesis
Mars excretes arachnid brain revealer
pants-wetting unrealistic dead toddler vaseline
into the comments section’s observed lathe
as I’m a recognizable zero or adhesive infirm aid tungsten
queue my whim with us tabloid clear or mining emotional triquetra
nursing ingrained in a meme transposed from tangible underpinning
forever sexualized bat sweat muscle relaxer with violence
spoon-perpetrate vulnerable to sweet sex drug 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Nudity church of vulnerability paper weight
Interweave insecure resonate uncomfortable love puppet
Fractal sheets iteration brimstone baby blue
Opera repository of tantalizing crescendo
Fish praise marijuana goop’s explosive implications are loathsome
Ugliness injects a Star Trek saint
Violence crater mezcal brain imaging lines
Human beings’ death wire
A spaceman in the same maniac vein
Cum particles hidden in wonder gutters
Stuffed animals cave cook unseen tattoo evil
Bubbling narcissistic robot soldier tip
Turing Test mixtape toxic disturbance bacteria
Metastasizing toothpicks weather chemtrails 

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Montag the Magnificent

The wizard is waiting for the young female volunteer 
at the torture rack, to which he fastens her while talking 
to the audience, accusing it at length of harboring bloodlust. 
There is a numb expression on the face of the woman
on the torture table, her hands clasped above her head. 

"Well, observe as I stick my fingers into the pretty eyes, 
how BRAINS OOZE out from the ears," his fingers deep and 
playing around in the girl's eye sockets. The wizard sounds 
familiarly foreign and belongs to an older school of wizardly, 
his showmanship marked by vainbooming declarations

He gently pulls down her jaw and barks breath at 
the opening mouth, into which he also sticks his hand, 
resting it upon the tongue and then ripping out the tongue 
and holding the spongy stump and glistening blood-tendrils 
up to the audience, which claps its brain-sticky hands. 

Turning to the woman on the rack he asks her 
to describe his hand, as registered by the tastebuds 
on her ripped-out tongue; clearly and unmuffled, 
she describes the wizard's fingers as "frogballs 
smeared with eye jelly - with the slime of my sight."  

Thursday, March 5, 2015


Perpetual motion feathers, from within which she assassinates.
Visceral as night, the transferred religion of her material
a mobile aesthetic, an enigma of artificial intelligence; magnetism
of a foul priest. Dark markings renewed on the platform of the
infinity peep hole, isolated, drifted weird, the bleached living and dead
triangle is her strength. The witch is gold dust as a whole, elusive
Victorian spider arriving, drains blacklight pushing down;
hockey mask flattens as a replica channeled through a mirror
unraveling. Recess of a psyche as purity of a road. 

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