Friday, December 4, 2015

Resurrection Pump

Victim extorts adenoidal raisin Mickey Mouse.
Feces acts as setup for joke liftoff.
Ripped pants simultaneously mixed with the unfamiliar.
Adopt any matter regarding social media.
To the dilating gun a scary concept
The dirtiest liquids with the structural beer of blood.
Alcohol to assess the supposed sour sex with walls trope.
The maggots of airborne viruses unknowingly worship data.
Bought Coldplay (of course a facsimile edition)!
A negative smile has surfaced.
Sex trafficking chemicals aroused by emergencies.
Humanoid computer pizza emotional-grade negative.
To share sordid background tissue.
The non-GMO space station is in a panic.
In a Russian gay club delight is inevitable.
Party atrophy retardant of dark extreme fucking
earthquake editing the young rich violating
the spike in the shower of the coldest
Plants splattering blood on ass-
details vary so in strange-colored pupils
as to conflate TV with the skull fabric of the awful reality
that emerges from the shadows like the dead on
Big Brother bothered by the pump of resurrection,
everywhere everything.

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