Monday, November 16, 2015

Voodoo Doll Barbie

Milkman sit or stand oligarchy jittering in voodoo doll Barbie uterus and worrying the frozen dress of teeth with reptile's wool sweater masturbation noises and assuring the meat of everything that it would be fine..... With monk's CO2 kittens stank an unrealistic Jesus splashed up in the brutal local office swallowing, got slitter action in decisive slo-mo on bone nights, told not to come again.... The way civilization climaxes oh little dot on the clock in psychopathic fire belt!.... A flying spider putting the sewer antler into mental health technology is real: enthusiastic needles of hysteria sexualized anxiety through car and townhouse incarceration and surprising Campbell's goblin spine with Krusty the Clown-like wings of sanity....

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