Thursday, November 12, 2015


intense tapeworm in a box - aura pulsating
like a nightmare, misty alien curvage yearning for fusion,
spray pattern indifferent.
Veins molded like weeds sprout in weary
masturbation Pokemon smacked shiny
I thought I heard voices!
I have small hands; they oppose one another round a "disease"
that does not fluidly move up or down. Takes a few attempts.
Dry heave - good from certain angles not head-on
a blast manifested itself as a slipped mechanical stay...
pocked, deeper meaning - devil's ace snapped gristly
plasma texture twisted curtains in gross juggle
hide poltergeist at high speed haphazardly wedge:
tail doubled as ham, cords that wanted to remove the divider.
The up-flow overreacted into a smoothie - "this speaks directly to me,"
ill effect on my spit.
Within a matter of days faded toxic
motherfucker now very noticeable
strange cold spots around jaw
thrashy migraine spigot like throbbing legs
sweat coursing through California

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