Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Ghoul Suit

It gives pleasure in the scariest heaping. Shrieking onion rub spills oppressive sex letters. Instant chemistry listening to homicidal sneakers. Overlapping lights off. A mental institution stabbing. Love terror reflects fleshy in cam site screams, caresses to immobilize, catching feels through rot.... nice looking paint excellent looks really lovely. Murder gloves feel like tight pussy, bathing eyelids or leaving a pet inside a nightmarish heaven ....perpetrate through mime..... mine color through texture  ..... the shit noise of 'rain' hitting the ceiling or IRL rubbery mass deciphered into howls tugged floating irate leaving skeletal remains covered in a film showcased manicured bored moaned prostrated towards the buffet of longing.... Have to 'mute' especially if coupled with warmth sifted through distortion of imitation of self killing two birds hissing reeling revealing ghoul in a suit that sometimes doesn't even register touch.

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