Saturday, October 3, 2015

Urban To Rural

locusts breeze deepdream and fatally crunch
chicken sweat tweet bundle human being
on crime spree KFC muscles melodrama pulls a dirt strand uncontrollable
unholy sleeping in green video game fire is the mall's camel
shirt genitals towels sobbing characters delayed wrap the eye
to ear ketchup bro jut pop culture hotline
electric toothbrush cat dig North Korea soft
taxidermy of an outrageous nipple suckers nap
trapped in pontifex blessing the ferret explode
binge-clotting gay shaming titties of female driver
skeleton eccentricities bed bags of IMF sick gun
to blame and chew NRA zoo deflowered
triangle eating rain spirit in which flies relax
catch something from farmer's stitches
when you're being more accessible to

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