Wednesday, October 28, 2015

True Detective - Another Mutation

the horror of the dead attacking our assumptions like a vampire not wanting sex
death scared brutal flowers glinted
& macabre dicks honed an outlet for the victim the touching fantasizer
the violent deaths of close friends - their fish-myths -
trees in homicidal masks repulsed by good ways by the bad ways
of the decomposing fingers their murders craft on widow's skin
blood preserved objectively accepts foray into corpse
anatomy usage of death through mind-reading games mutilation intercourse classic acts of love
a collection of sex through serial mortality etc.
sex murders unable to file the extreme blank
& little death accessible through polaroid eyes fridge core head's stench
sex with busting glass body parts of loved ones sink forever sensations in contact with death
impressions linger in the realm of death mutilate the psyche of a dead body fondling back for
fear of the living dead uncomfortable expressions of the dead
torturing the mouths of finality pain consummate on the sex slave with
the dead eyes and the sensual human remains.
nefarious material of a true detective intimate with the sexual orgasms of the dead
& progressively self-masturbating decaying crawlspace flesh outside of the chill
brain attraction of nuanced in-depth auto-necrophilic innocence
complicated lifeless anger - all sorts of looks of guilt -
nice people and their bizarre consent nauseous in their weird perfect black sweat

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